About Us

SuperCloud International, Inc. is an extreme cutting edge unified, multi-tiered data center, CDN, I.S.P., U-MVPD, OVD, 5G centric & convergent digital entertainment and content delivery company with a core focus on advanced hybrid cloud-based mobile and portable multimedia solutions.

SuperCloud’s objective is to become the world’s leading provider of advanced hybrid cloud-based multimedia solutions by enhancing the overall user experience on advanced 5G enabled mobile Internet-connected devices and multiple device platforms.

SuperCloud International, Inc. owns and operates an evolved private data cloud infrastructure known as Convergent Cloud Access System™ (C.C.A.S.™), which supports virtually any business vertical globally. SuperCloud International, Inc. is an enterprise solutions provider of secure data control and interactive multimedia and data ingestion, storage, and transport with its core focus on multi-tiered cloud-based data, content and I.oT., solutions. The SuperCloud International, Inc. proprietary Ultra Virtual Private Network (“U.V.P.N.”) empowers B2B

initiatives delivered through the Super MaxCloud™ system and its private 5G enabled Converged Multimedia Cloud System to businesses and verticals of all types.

Our innovative multi-tiered cloud & browser-based system delivers LIVE LINEAR TV 24/7 to ANY wireless or internet-connected mobile device.

The company allows cable companies, networks, music/radio programmers, video game publishers, live event producers, and their consumers to “cut the cord.” SuperCloud International, Inc. can stream in excess of 4,000 channels of live multi-layered linear programming simultaneously to 100+ million simultaneously connected devices worldwide, with no fiber runs, no satellite feeds, and no spectrum confinements.


Serious Technology for Multi-Channel Live Video Streaming SuperCloud International, Inc. is an innovative game-changer in architecture, infrastructure, and integration. This comprehensive offering interconnects custom-configured hybrid satellites; fiber rings data centers, I.P.T.V cable head-ends, ISPs, and CDNs to deliver live streaming video at 20 – 100x the speed, with higher quality than other methods via our U-MVPD, OVD, OTT solutions. Our Convergent Cloud Access System™ (CCAS™) is a private data cloud platform, and infrastructure for streaming video, which supports any & all business verticals globally.

· Integrates IaaS, PaaS, SaaS all in one place

· Digital Rights Management & Security: 7-layered physics-based military-grade authentication

· All compression formats – AVI, ASF, MOV, QT, AVCHD, FLV, SWF, MPEG, MPEG4, WMV, H.264/5, DIVX

· Metadata at ingestion with ad triggers for ad insertion on the fly

· Multiple devices: video can be delivered to any 5-G and higher smartphone, tablet, gaming console, smart TV, or Internet-connected set-top box

· Multi-lateral adaptive streaming–“Live on the fly”


A Better Way to Cloud

This unique cloud & browser approach solves many problems that have impeded monetization of internet video:

1. Speed– slow delivery & annoying buffering

2. Image Quality– drops outs, pixilation, resolution

3. Lack of accessibility

4. Lack of choice

5. Piracy—authentication

6. Inefficiencies

7. Expensive operations

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