James K. Devericks

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

James Devericks as the founder of SuperCloud International, Inc., has been at the forefront of cloud-based technologies and mobile content and mobile communications and has been at the forefront of the mobile and cloud technologies revolution, marrying entertainment offerings to cutting-edge technology since founding SuperCloud, Inc. As Founder and Chairman/CEO, and equally importantly, its guiding inspiration, Mr. Devericks oversees the integration of every aspect of the Company’s activities to ensure that SuperCloud remains at the forefront of the cloud and mobile multimedia universe, delivering an optimal user experience for business and retail consumer customers alike. He has continuously positioned himself within the progressive digital media delivery business with an emphasis on multimedia ingestion and content distribution innovation and now brings to our world his vision regarding SuperCloud C.C.A.S.™ technologies. Mr. Devericks is the architect and mastermind behind the SuperCloud Convergent Cloud Access System technologies that allow for the Super MaxCloud™ multi-platform content distribution system to deliver an unprecedented user experience. He has further demonstrated an ability to be at the forefront of digital multimedia progression while successfully gathering state-of-the-art and advanced cloud technologies, compression and ingestion technologies, and simultaneous multi-platform distribution solutions which are the catalyst for the next level of cloud-based platform-agnostic delivery of multimedia throughout various hardware platforms and web-enabled devices. He is the inventor of many applications that enable and enhance the mobile multimedia experience and is the holder of numerous United States patents and patents pending. James Devericks has been involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry for most of his adult life and, later on, brought his love of electronic gadgetry and web-based technologies to the challenge of progressive digital electronic media delivery. In the process of managing a number of recording artists through his privately owned artist Management Company and record label, he took his interest in the Internet and coupled that with his various music and entertainment industry relationships to create a vision of integrating the various revenue streams existing in the music industry and previously isolated from each other.

He then moved to acquire a technical staff with whom he developed the first bi-directional web portal technologies for the music and entertainment industry. In 2003, he mapped out a strategy and began to enlist strategic partners to build this infrastructure. At this point, Mr. Devericks helped launch Titan Global Entertainment, an entertainment and technology company to realize his vision. He was installed as Titan’s Chairman and CEO, positions he held until leaving the company several years later to found M3X Media, Inc. James Devericks holds a music business certification in music business education from Universal Music Group in 2002. He is an accomplished Inventor with Patents and Patents Pending. Holder of Patent Pending on legacy systems content distribution, non-Cloud and Cloud-based Mobile Streaming, and Interactive Data Communications Technologies: (1) Cloud Systems Architecture (2) Client-Side Methods and Processes, and (3) Server-Side and Mobile Gateways Methods and Processes. (SuperCloud, does not have rights to these other patents and pending patents.)