Internet for Apartments and Condo Buildings

MDU Bulk TV & Internet Solutions

Supercloud International’s MDU Program is our best value Bulk Television and Bulk Internet Service Solutions ranging from 5 Mbps to over 1000+ Mbps. Most web or APP. enabled devices now require some form of WiFi to access content. Smartphones are the driving force behind the voracious appetite for bandwidth. The requirement for WiFi / Bandwidth starts with home computers, your internet connected TVs to smartphones, wireless printers, security systems, and your residents require more and more bandwidth to ensure that all their devices are functioning properly & supported with maximum capacity across all their devices.

Better Value With Our Fully-Customizable Bulk TV & Entertainment Packages

Provide your residents with lightning fast connectivity, more premium channels and entertainment choices, customizable entertainment packages, highest-resolution video, and quick deployment. Our Bulk apartment and condo TV services and solutions give your residents pricing that beats the industry giants with along with best of class unified evolutions into making their home much more enjoyed. Our Bulk MDU-SDU TV for your apartment or condominium or MDU-SDU can provide a sense of unrestricted freedom and association that sets your property apart in significance and efficiency. SuperCloud International can provide residents superior technologies, entertainment, great pricing and customer service while making board members, HOA’s, etc. much more satisfied than the alternative choices in the field.

  • 24/7 365 Customer Support.
  • Rapid Installation
  • Plug-N-Play.
  • No-Hassle Equipment SD, HD & Ultra High Resolution 4K Video.
  • Continuous Connectivity.
  • Hundreds of Channels and Entertainment Choices
  • Advanced Cloud DVR
  • Many Additional Streaming Option.

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Cut Costs For Your Apartment / Condo or Community With Bulk TV & Entertainment Pricing

Home Owner Associations, Property managers, and their residents are very familiar with rising cable TV prices and non-existent customer service of the Industry Giants. At SuperCloud International, we provide superior bulk TV and entertainment packages that are completely customizable and give your residents a selection of the most sought-after premium TV channels and content choices. No longer does your community need to settle for uncomplimentary pricing, quality, or non-existent customer service.

(Residents Enjoy Better Value & Savings)

(Bundled Options are Available for Superior Savings)

(Each Property Receives Customized Bulk Pricing)

(Packaging that is Completely Scalable)

(Low Cost User Friendly Equipment)

With Our Superior Bulk TV & Entertainment Packages Your Property Values Will Increase


Considering the limited choices in the bulk TV arena, options for property owners, managers, and HOAs have today, none of them provide residents with the ability to sign their own agreements. Unfortunately this may or can include unappealing equipment mounted on rooftops, or from windows or balconies. Please note that the Industry Giants with their ever increasing higher prices, forced bundling and ever rapidly diminishing customer service, and service fees and imposed long-term contracts, residents have become fed-up and they are increasingly frustrated as their once beautiful properties appearances continue to diminish. With SuperCloud International you will maintain a level of confidence in making and keeping your residents pleased and your property valuations high with SuperCloud International’s bulk TV and entertainment packages for apartments and condominiums that completely allow you the ditch the dish and cut the cord while maintaining control of your property.

(Enhance Contractual Governance on Contracts)

(Maintain Current Residents & Entice New Residents)

(Advanced Cloud Distribution System)

(Maintain Curb Appeal Safeguard Property Structures)

Incorporate Bulk TV into Club Rooms, Lobbies and Fitness Rooms

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